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Doctrine Dudes: 9-30-10

Dudes!  Today we will complete our reading and discussion of Richard Gaffin’s Resurrection and Redemption.  So, our focus will be on Part Three of that book.  However, with such fruitful and full discussion from last time, we can certainly revisit the themes of the first two sections of this important (make that crucially important) little volume.  If you are going to keep up with Ryan, you had better get a new highlighter.

I have been boxed in too much the last couple of weeks.  So, let’s break out again and meet in the meeting room over at Pizza Perfect in Bellevue again, 12:00-1:30pm.  I am again craving a meatball and banana pepper pizza.  See ya’ll there!


Tracing the Trinity, 3: Athanasius & Nicea

Below, you will find a link to an article I wrote a few years ago for Reformation21.  I will refer to this tonight in our class (WITWDYGTI).  Rather than read the whole thing to you tonight, I’ll let you cozy up to it with a mocha latte in one hand and my article in the other.  Sounds scintillating, doesn’t it.

In all seriousness, as we will discover in the weeks ahead, the doctrine of the Trinity is crucial beyond description.  And the assault on the Trinity expressed in Jehovah’s Witnesses, Morminism, and Islam is ever present.  Far more than semantics is at stake.  The very gospel itself hinges on the truth of the things for which Athanasius fought.


WITWDYGTI for 9-29-10

As we begin our trek through the histories and teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, and Islam, Doug and I are convinced it will be so helpful for us to spend a couple of weeks digging down deep into the primary truth that is ultimately attacked in each of these movements – the Holy Trinity.  We will lay a foundation of understanding the doctrine of the Trinity that will provide a touchstone of truth, as we wade through the murky waters of cult thinking.  It has been said that the Trinity is Christianity’s greatest gift to the world.  Come this Wednesday night and learn why.  CPC Window Room, 6:30-7:30pm – fellowship, teaching, and of course, chocolate will all be in abundant supply.

Greek Geeks: Week of 9-26-10

As ya’ll know, there is no class on Tuesday (9-28), as you should use this time to prepare for the mother of all mid-terms, which will be this Thursday, 2pm.  You know what to review.  Every vocab word so far will be on the exam.  Know your paradigms, and various rules we have emphasized over the last few weeks.  Congratulations, guys – ya’ll have made it through the noun system!

Beautiful Words for 9-26-10

We will continue our study (Sunday morning, 9:15am, CPC Chapel) of how sound theology is crucial for the Church as she fulfills the Great Commission, through discerning, declaring, and defending the Word of God.  Doctrine is essential and beautiful to discipleship.  So, let’s dig in one more time tomorrow to The Thrill of Theology, the Duty of Doctrine, & the Delight of Discipleship.  I’ll whet your appetite with this powerful tidbit from Dorothy Sayers:

“I will begin with tis matter of this inevitability of dogma [doctrine], if Christianity is to be anything more than a little mild wishful thinking about ethical behavior.”

In Joyful Anticipation of Sept 26th

One of the most powerful statements in all of history is contained in the middle of The Lord’s Prayer – “Thy Kingdom Come.”  This Lord’s Day, Pastor Benton will invite us to consider our heavenly Ruler’s gracious reign over his realm.  All to the end that we would learn to pray, “Thy kingdom come.”

Where in the World Did You Get that Idea? Tonight! 9-22-10

What is a cult?  What are the distinguishing marks of a cult?  What does boldness and brokenness look like, as we interact with people drawn to cults?  In our class on worldview and apologetics, Where in the World Did You Get that Idea?, we will prayerfully and carefully consider these issues tonight.  As always, you will get candy for being good boys and girls during class.