Greek Geeks: Week of 9-19-10

Okay, for Tues., Sept. 21st, be ready to discuss ch. 13 of Mounce on Demonstrative Pronouns/Adjectives.  Memorize the paradigms.  #1 under the ch. summary on p. 111 is a helpful, concise rule to memorize.  We will also go over your workbook assignment, pp. 45-48.  Vocab will be from Mounce 111-12 and Trenchard frequency 258-22).

For Thurs., Sept. 23rd, ch. 14 of Mounce on the Relative Pronoun.  Pay careful attention to the chart at 14.7.  Workbook, pp. 49-52.  Vocab – Mounce, pp. 117-18; Trenchard frequency list 220-195.

You guys are about to have crossed the finish line of the noun system!  Y’all are doing a great job!


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