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Greek Geeks for Nov 30 & Dec 2

Hey Guys,

This week is going to be relatively easy.  For Tuesday, be prepared to discuss and go through the homework for ch. 18 – Present Middle/Passive Indicative.  While this chapter is easy, there are some subtleties re: Middle Voice that I alluded to the other day in class.  This has to do with the reflexive or indirect uses of the Middle.  The good news for now is that these uses are relatively rare, thus the actual occurrences of true Middle verbs.  So, it is not until pp. 228-29 that we will even deal with these.  The other good news for now is that the most frequent use of verbs in Middle form are deponent (75% of NT occurrences, in fact).  So, pay careful attention to what “deponent” actually means in ch. 18, and the lion’s share of your work simply involves memorizing a new set of verbal endings: Present Passive Indicative (P.P.I.) on p. 150; Present Middle Indicative (P.M.I.) on pp. 152-53.  The latter (P.M.I.) in this chapter being translated simply as active.

Ch. 19 will be on deck for this Thursday (Dec 2).  In my opinion, Future Active/Middle Indicative shows forth the simple elegance of the Greek language.  You will find it refreshingly accessible, but pay attention to the information in 19.5, where we find out what happens in contract verbs, as the contract vowels encounter the sigma.

As for vocabulary for Tuesday: ch. 18 vocab and Trenchard 100-95, bottom of p. 131; Thursday: ch. 19 vocab and Trenchard95-91, top of p. 132.

Colossians: Christ Preeminent & Precious! for November 11th, 2010

We finished our last study with a cursory look at Col 2:6-7, which is the very heart of Paul’s letter to the Colossians.  This Thursday morning, 6:30am, I will make some brief comments about Paul’s warnings against legalism at the end of ch. 2, and then we will carefully walk back through the indicatives and imperatives of these two powerful verses:

Indicatives & Imperatives




Built up




So, remember to bring your handouts from last week, and come ready to share your thoughts on how we can see these things become a reality in our lives.   I so look forward to seeing ya’ll this Thursday morning.

Colossians: Christ Preeminent & Precious for November 4th, 2010

What are some things that war against your thankfulness?  What are things that make you feel unrooted, unstable, and susceptible to the winds and waves of our constantly changing world?  Take some time tonight and meditate on Col 2:6-15.  The person and work of Jesus Christ is our anchor.  We have talked about the value of being a Word and Sacrament Church.  How does this passage speak to that.  Do you ever think about what your own baptism says about you and your family?  How does Christ meet us in these things and empower us, as we seek to be faithful husbands, fathers, and brothers in Christ?

Doctrine Dudes for November 4th, 2010


This Thursday, 12:00-1:30pm, at Pizza Perfect in Bellevue, we will discuss a draft of the paper I will deliver at this year’s Evangelical Theological Society in ATL.  The theme of this year’s Society is Justification by Faith.  This doctrine has been the subject of myriad books, essays, debates, conferences, etc., in the last fifteen years, especially given the development of New Perspective[s] on Paul thought in the last thirty-plus years, as well as, Federal Vision teachings in conservative Reformed circles in the last fifteen years, or so.

The title of my essay, Propitiation & Peppercorns: Justification in John Owen and Richard Baxter will attempt to show that some of the debated issues in recent years have Historical Theological precedent in the 17th century.

Check your e-mails for a document attachment.  I think you’ll find it a relatively manageable read.  I look forward to your comments and questions, as this will only make my final draft in ATL better when I deliver it.