Doctrine Dudes for November 4th, 2010


This Thursday, 12:00-1:30pm, at Pizza Perfect in Bellevue, we will discuss a draft of the paper I will deliver at this year’s Evangelical Theological Society in ATL.  The theme of this year’s Society is Justification by Faith.  This doctrine has been the subject of myriad books, essays, debates, conferences, etc., in the last fifteen years, especially given the development of New Perspective[s] on Paul thought in the last thirty-plus years, as well as, Federal Vision teachings in conservative Reformed circles in the last fifteen years, or so.

The title of my essay, Propitiation & Peppercorns: Justification in John Owen and Richard Baxter will attempt to show that some of the debated issues in recent years have Historical Theological precedent in the 17th century.

Check your e-mails for a document attachment.  I think you’ll find it a relatively manageable read.  I look forward to your comments and questions, as this will only make my final draft in ATL better when I deliver it.


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