beautiful words for December 12th, 2010

Happy Advent, brothers and sisters!

This Sunday’s beautiful words class will finish up our study of the names of God, proper.  After Storm leads us in a little Advent worship music, we will spend some time gaining an understanding of some of the most glorious ways in which Jehovah is revealed as our healer, shepherd, host, peace, ever present One, and our righteousness.  To think – all this and more was lying in a manger.  Hallelujah!  What a Savior!  Hallelujah!  What a salvation!  How do you need a fresh encounter this season with God as your healer?  Your shepherd?  Your peace?

I think what is in store for us this Sunday is the richest of all the names we have considered thus far.  We will have time for interaction and heart-sharing, in light of who our God is for us in the gospel.  Given that Jesus is Jehovah come to dwell among us, the names we will ponder tomorrow give me all the reason I need to say again – Happy Advent!


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