On this day: 1678

You will recall me saying in this past Sunday’s sermon that the religious establishment of John Bunyan’s day would not indulge his preaching of the gospel.  So, off to Bedford jail Bunyan went (some 50 miles NW of London).  However, they could not restrain him from indulging his imagination.  While in prison he penned a book that would forever change the course of history for generations, a book that has sunk down deep into the consciousness of the people of God.  Google Books declared last August that 129,864,880 books have been published worldwide.  That’s a bunch of books!  The popularity of Bunyan’s book is surpassed in human history only and fittingly by the Bible.  That’s right – the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress come in at numbers one and two all time, respectively.  And get this – Pilgrim’s Progress was first published on today’s date – February 18th, 1678.  How fitting, then, that here were are now as a church family, getting to ready to take the Ancient Journey together.  Small groups are waiting for you to join in studying Bunyan’s book together.  You ready?  Let’s go!


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