Pilgrim’s Progress, Chapter Two Progress Points, Pt. 2

Our Pilgrim, doubtless exhausted from his harrowing experience on that dreadful mountain where he was told to try to earn his salvation comes to a crucial resting place on the journey (Crossway edition, pp. 43-46).  Here, he meets the wonderful Good-Will, who quickly and forcefully snatches him in through the narrow gate.  Bunyan tells us this shocked Christian.  However, it was a act of grace on the part of Good-Will.  Why was Good-Will so forceful in pulling Christian through the narrow gate?  What took place for our Pilgrim at this very moment in the story?  What does Christian still have on his back at this point?

In preparation for our small group meetings this coming Sunday night (Mar 6th):

Read Jn 6:37. How do Jesus’ words comfort you as to his heart toward you?

Look up Eph 2:4-5 & 2Co 5:17. How do these vv. apply to Christian at this point in the story?


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