Lest things get too hoity-toity around TLR…

So far, this blog has been mainly posts about theology, classes I’m teaching, and the like.  Lest we get too hoity-toity around here, I thought I would give you a glimpse into life in the Filson family.  Here we have quality family time taking place.  We have drunk the Mac Kool Aid.  There’s Luke, who now has charge of my old first generation (as in first month they shipped back in 2006) MacBook Pro.  Lydia has Diane’s white MacBook of similar vintage.  And I, well, I now commandeer a 17 inch MacBook Pro.  This scene just naturally developed and Diane snapped a picture.  Luke and Lydia were playing Club Penguin.  I was trolling theology blogs.  What is most important to note in this shot is my Tennessee Titans plaid pajama pants, green t-shirt that makes you want to shout “Freebird!”, and brown dress socks.  Not just anyone can pull this look off.  That’s right… some things you just can’t unsee.


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