Pray Joshna home!

I want to take a second with all y’all who read my blog (thanks, BTW), and introduce you to Joshna Jones, daughter of Chip and Betsy, sister of Ellie.  Some of you know the Jones family, some of you may not.  I want to invite y’all to join many of us throughout the day, today, in praying for the Jones family.  Three members of the Jones family live here in Nashville, one of them is still in India.  We want to pray that all four members of the Jones family can be together, SOON.

You see, the Jones are adopting Joshna.  As those of you who have adopted children can relate, it has been a long, and at times, confusing process.  As my fellow pastor, Ryan Doyle, says, “The birth pangs of adoption are different, but still painful.”  God is Lord of the process, to be sure.  But, now it is time for us to intensely and intentionally surround this covenant child with prayer.  The God who predestines the ends, predestines the means to those ends.  He works especially powerfully in concert with the prayers of his people.

So, read below to see how you can pray.  Maybe, you will want to pray at 30,000ft. for the whole list.  Or, you could drill down on one or two specific areas throughout the day.  Pray.  Just pray.  This little girl is the Lord’s.  This little girl is the Jones’.  Let our prayers be Johsna’s.  I say that because, while Joshna is a great gift to Chip and Betsy, there is no family I know who could be such a gift to a little girl, like the Jones.

So, read below and be sure to check Betsy’s blog (linked at the bottom).

Today our daughter, Joshna, turns 3 ½.  It also marks the 3 ½ year mark of the first paperwork we submitted to our first agency.  The adoption of Joshna into the Jones family has reached a critical point.  In May, the Chennai courts close for an extended time due to the heat and monsoons.  In June, our approval from the United States government to adopt Joshna expires.  If our case is not heard and approved by the time the Chennai courts close, we will need to complete another home study, fill out a new application, pay another $1000, wait until we have further approval from the US, and wait until the courts reopen in Chennai.  Our daughter needs to come home!  We need your prayers!  God can move mountains…and the Chennai courts!

Here are specific ways you can pray:

For the Scrutiny Hearing in Chennai to happen quickly (they review our case file and give a recommendation to the judge) and for a favorable review

For the case to move quickly from there to the court

For the judge to show up when our case is scheduled to be heard

For a favorable review from the judge within six weeks

For Joshna’s passport to be issued quickly

For travel to be scheduled within the next eight weeks

For Joshna to be prepared to leave the only life she knows with her primary caregiver

For the primary caregiver to be prepared for the separation with Joshna

For quick bonding for Joshna with our family

For the adjustment Ellie will be facing as we add another family member

For good health for everyone throughout the process

For our trust to be in God and not our own plans

For encouragement and peace for all four of us as we wait

For all of the unknowns of how to pray

Thank you all for your prayers and support during the very lengthy process.  We are grateful God has placed you all in our lives, and we look forward to the day we can announce the news that Joshna is home!

-The Jones Family



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