Hey Y’all,

Like many in the Reformed world, I have for many years loved and learned the ESV Bible.  Now, if I would just live it!  I actually bought the original ESV Classic Reference Bible on the very day it came out, back in 2001.  Then, I bought the ESV Reformation Study Bible on the very day it was released.  Same strategy when I bough the ESV Study Bible.  I am currently journaling through the ESV Journaling Bible, which, when completed, will contain my own section-by-section handwritten commentary and prayers from a Daddy/pastor to his children, to be a keepsake gift for Luke and Lyda.  It’s a labor of love that will span a couple of years.  I have used the ESV pretty much exclusively for my preaching and teaching for many years, now.  I also build my Accordance Software primary workspace around the ESV.

With all this said, while this has been available for some time now, I thought I would pass along a little info about a free online ESV Bible, that offers some cool functionality.  Go here to find out about this online study tool.  Then, click on over to to sign up.  Enjoy!


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