A Twofold Christ

Sunday School lesson for the beautiful words class is finished for tomorrow.  So, I sat down in my study to do a little devotional reading to prepare my heart for the Lord’s Day tomorrow.  While we are not in the Easter season, every Lord’s Day is, in a sense, a resurrection Sunday.  The resurrection of Jesus on the first day of the week (Mt 28:1; Mk 16:2; Lk 24:1; Jn 20:1) is why the early Church gathered on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7; 1Co 16:2; Rev 1:10).

Sitting in my chair (the one that has the certain power to make me fall asleep), nestled in among the shelves, I came across this bit from Church of Scotland pastor, William Still (1911-97).  It has to do with Christ – his death and resurrection.

“Who is this Christ who is within us?  Think of him as a twofold Christ.  He is Christ crucified and Christ risen.  What is the necessity of this ‘dual’ Christ in our hearts?  One aspect is to deal with the old, the other with the new.  The one is to deal with the old Adam and the sinful nature, the other to give us the new; the one is to clear the old out, and the other to take its place.  They belong together and are one seed.  The death and resurrection of Jesus are not two events, spiritually speaking.  Given the death of this man, the resurrection was certain and inevitable.  He had to be raised on the third day because he died sinlessly with our sins, not his own.  There was nothing in the world so sure as the resurrection.  Christ’s death and resurrection are two sides of a penny.  Just as from the seed which rots comes, by germination, the fresh shoot that grows up to be the flower and the fruit, so the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ belong together” ~ What It Is to Be a Christian, The Collected Writings of William Still, Vol II, 165. 

So, I will meditate on my twofold Christ today, and as I come to church tomorrow.

BTW, I think you can still purchase Vol. III of Still’s collected writings new.  All three vols. are well worth your search on the used market, if they are out of print.  Dr. Sinclair Ferguson said of Still, “He remains the person whose ministry has made the deepest impression on me.”


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