Preaching the People’s Book

As I have earlier stated, I love books on homiletics.  Resting on the shelves is a rather plain, unassuming volume chock full of great essays on preaching.  The Preacher and Preaching: Reviving the Art in the Twentieth Century, ed. by Samuel T. Logan.  Is it the most recent, cutting-edge manual on homiletics?  No.  Is it full of the cream of solid Reformed, biblical thought on preaching?  Absolutely!

I love Dr. Sinclair Ferguson’s assessment from his chapter, “Preaching and Systematic Theology”:

“The Bible is the people’s book, and all its doctrines, from the Trinity to the beatific vision, belong to the individuals, learned and unlearned, who constitute the community of faith.”

This sets me to thinking of a remark he made in a doctoral course I took from him at WTS several years ago on the Westminster Standards about how, in too many congregations, there is no appetite for strong, doctrinal preaching precisely because they have not been given a catechetical grid upon which they can appropriate our preaching.

So, the solution? Preach and catechize… and pray that our appetites grow.


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