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March Madness and June Jackpot

As I sit watching the NCAA Final Four, I am also taking in this cool video on what I  expect to be a stimulating book on Paul, edited by Michael Bird.  Guess I know what I will spend my allowance on in June.  Having had the pleasure of watching Thomas Schreiner, along with Frank Thielman, debate N.T. Wright at ETS a couple of years ago, I very much look forward to his material in this book.  Roman Catholic scholar, Luke Timothy Johnson is always interesting, as well.  While we wait on this title to come out, you can feast on Schreiner’s excellent volume, Paul: Apostle of God’s Glory in Christ.

But, to be sure, if you want to wade into Pauline waters, you absolutely must treat yourself to these two little gems from the pen of Richard Gaffin:



The Sweetness of Sibbes

I love the affectionate musings of so many of the Puritans. Richard Sibbes (1577-1635) is chief among them. Just a minute ago I read this:

“95. Many men are troubled with cold affections, and then they think to work love out of their own hearts, which are like a barren wilderness, but we must beg of God the Spirit of love. We must not bring love to God, but fetch love from him” (Divine Meditations and Holy Contemplations, The Works of Richard Sibbes, 7.195).